What makes a Zodiac Box special?

It is customized to the needs of your zodiac sign. Each box has the candle, crystal, tea, and essential oil that aligns with your sign.

Click on your sign below to see your unique box.

Aries (March 21st – April 19th)

Taurus (April 20th – May 20th)

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd)

Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st)

Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th)

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

Pisces (February 19th – March 20th)


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