Hi, welcome to Cosmic Aesthetics, we’re so glad you’re here! Somehow you’ve made your way through the vast pages of the internet, and have found yourself in our little shop. So, welcome.

I’m Grace Bertou, the owner of Cosmic Aesthetics. I have bright red hair, a nose ring, and a really big dream. My life goal is to open a (real) shop of my own somewhere warm, and fill it with beautiful products. Incense, bath bombs, crystals, jewelry; all bohemian inspired and high quality. But for now we’re here, on the lovely etsy.com selling some great items.

The first product I ever made was the Zodiac Box! Tea, crystals, essential oils, and a candle adorn the inside of the little box. Each item is completely customized to your zodiac sign — you can check out the original boxes here (link). The journey to create these boxes and start my business was a long one, but it was the best learning experience of my life.

Now that you know a little bit about me and why we started, I hope you’ll enjoy looking around my shop. If you don’t find something incredible here, feel free to message me and we can customize something just for you! ♥.


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